Bhang, Ayurvedic Medicine or Marijuana Milkshake
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Bhang, Ayurvedic Medicine or Marijuana Milkshake

What is Bhang drink? How do they make Bhang drink? What is a marijuana milkshake? What is the Holi Festival? What is the green drink I saw people drinking in India, it seemed to smell like marijuana? Where is Bhang popular? Learn more about the reasons why people drink Bhang, a drink made using cannabis.

Note that this article is not suggesting anyone make Bhang, or consume it, where illegal. This article is strictly to provide information on the popular Indian drink known as Bhang, which is used by some in Ayurvedic medicine and consumed by others for the “spiritual” affects it has on the users mind.

Bhang drink is a sort of marijuana milkshake type drink popular in certain areas of India. Bhang has been known in India since at least 1,000 BC, as the cannabis plant, marijuana itself, originated in central Asia. Its use is associated with some Hindu rituals, as the cannabis herb itself was devoted to Lord Shiva.

Bhang is usually made by crushing the leaves and flowers of the marijuana plant using a mortal and pestle. Milk is added as is ghee (a clarified butter that needs no refrigeration). Spices are added as per what is popular in the area. At that point the drink is mixed by pouring it into another cup and pouring it back and forth a few times, then it is ready to be consumed.

The affects of drinking Bhang are not noticed immediately, and there is never any guarantee as to how much marijuana it contains, some times it may be stronger than other times, with different potency being part of its popularity.

In Ayurvedic medicine Bhang is used to relieve pain, to increase appetite, aid in sleeping, and to aid in digestion. Some religious groups, such as the Sufis and the Sadhus, use Bhang specifically as what most people would think of as using it as recreational drug; they use it as a way to explore their spirit and use it in meditation. Other people, such as those in the Sikh community, use Bhang only for medicinal reasons, not recreational ones.

Although popular in many parts of India, Bhang is associated best with Varanasi, India, and the Shivaratri Festival. There are many Bhang shops along the steps of the river Ganges. Bhang is considered a popular Holi drink. Holi is the festival of colors, and is popular in northern areas of India having no restrictions.

In some areas of India cultivation of cannabis is illegal, yet Bhang is widely available in some areas and often consumed openly.

Note that in some areas of Pakistan seeds from the Opium poppy (and other ingredients) are added to make a different mixture, and in this mixture the marijuana plant is boiled first.

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Comments (5)

What a fascinating article! Bhang was mentioned in an episode of 'Bones' and I wondered what it was.

I learned somrthimg new here about this drink, thank you.

Brenda, it would be very helpful to know where this information came from.

James, I knew about Bhang from talking to people from India, but was reminded about it when watching a recent television show, and made sure the facts were straight by checking different websites.

Very interesting information!