Does Smoking Pot Give You Cancer?
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Does Smoking Pot Give You Cancer?

This article should definitively answer the question: Does smoking pot give you cancer?

Does smoking pot give you cancer? The truth is, there has been no studies done that conclusively show that it does, or it doesn't. There haven't in fact been many studies done on anything to do with marijuana. 

The reason for this lack of scientific research is based on a number of good reasons. There are less people smoking pot than those drinking and smoking cigarettes, and therefore a lot more money for research is put into those chemicals that are known to kill a lot more people. 

The number of people who smoke pot by itself, and then get cancer after never having tried cigarettes in their life is practically none, and the majority of people who smoke it seem to smoke tobacco as well, and mix tobacco in with their marijuana. 

What is known about this, is that smoking tobacco without a proper filter does increase the risk of tobacco-related diseases like cancer, and therefore the majority of people who smoke marijuana are at a higher risk of cancer than those who don't. 

Where did I get these figures from? I made them up, based on what I've seen. The number of pot smokers I've seen who don't smoke joints or bongs mixed with tobacco is less than one percent where I am, and I've never met anyone who smoked pot but not tobacco, or hadn't been a cigarette smoker at some point. 

This is an educated guess, which in my mind shows very clearly that even if pot on it's own were someday found not to cause cancer, at the moment, the way the majority of people are smoking it, it does. 

It was only in the sixties that scientists discovered that smoking cigarettes causes cancer, and they also discovered around the same time that the sun gives you cancer, and alcohol can give you cancer, and being overweight and not exercising are all factors that can give you cancer. 

The truth is that about a third of all the people in the world will get some sort of cancer at some point in their lives. It's just one of those things, although we do know that certain things can give you a higher risk of getting it.


Does Smoking Pot Give You Cancer?

If this question is still bothering you, you haven't really been paying attention. Microwaves give you cancer. The TV gives you cancer, and probably mobile phones too. 

All that is required to give you cancer is for the DNA in a cell to be damaged, and start growing abnormally, which is almost certainly something that smoking pot might do, especially if it's mixed with tobacco. 

Now before you start leaving comments saying that there is no proof of this, and that I should show scientific evidence that backs my claims, let me just say this. 

I knew a girl who had cancer. She smoked marijuana mixed with tobacco through a water pipe, and got a cancer that gradually and very painfully ripped her insides apart as it grew. 

You could say that she might have died before she was thirty anyway, or that she might not have died if she hadn't been smoking pot mixed with tobacco, but it's pretty clear to me what happened, and it should be pretty clear to all of you. 

I am tired of hippies saying that marijuana is the cure for all your ailments, and that it somehow has magical powers that mean it doesn't kill you. 

Of course it kills you, of course smoking pot gives you cancer, and it's just as bad if not worse than any other drug in the world. The only good thing I have to say about marijuana as a drug is that most people who smoke it seem pretty laid back most of the time. Not at all like they were worried they were going to die of cancer. 

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