Information on Ketamine, Special K, Horse Tranquilizer
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Information on Ketamine, Special K, Horse Tranquilizer

What is Ketamine? What are the other names for Ketamine? What is the street drug that is also used as a horse tranquilizer? What does Ketamine do to you? How do you get high from Ketamine? What does Ketamine look like? How do people take Ketamine? What is the street drug that is called Special K?

Ketamine is a legitimate drug administered by doctors, however most people associate it with being a horse tranquilizer or a street drug often sold as Special K. Other street names are “K”, Kit Kat, Vitamin K, Green K, Purple, and Cat Valium.

Legitimate Uses of Ketamine

Legally Ketamine is used on human and as a sedative for animals in veterinary medicine. Ketamine is used as an anesthetic for children. It can be applied topically in a gel to relieve nerve pain. It is being tested for use in depression, and to treat heroin addition. In animals it is used as an anesthetic and to help relieve pain. It is commonly used in cats who cannot tolerate many other pain killers. It is not terribly effective in cattle. As mentioned, it is often used in horses.

In its natural form it is an odorless white crystal powder which is soluble in water for injecting.

Ketamine as a Street Drug

Ketamine is a hallucinogen that can be snorted, swallowed, mixed in drinks, smoked, or injected. It is said to be less addictive than other street drugs.

In 2009 it reportedly became more popular in Britain than other street drugs such as cocaine.

The effects of taking Ketamine are hallucinogenic, said to be similar to taking PCP, lasting thirty minutes to two hours at the maximum. Most people report that it gives them a high, in higher doses users say that it gives them an out-of-body experience, known as the Ket-hole, or K-hole, which some find to be rather unpleasant. When swallowed there are some concerns of stomach problems as well as a burning in the throat.

Of course as with any street drug there are always risks in regards to its purity and people have been known to mix battery acid, among other things, in with it before selling it. Between 1993 and 2009 there were at least 23 deaths in Britain linked to the use of Ketamine. It has a reputation for being safer, and cheaper, than drugs such as cocaine and heroin, but can cause respiratory failure. 

Users are at risk of being vulnerable to become the victim of sexual assault. 

In the United States Ketamine is often brought across the border from Mexico.  It is considered a schedule III drug (putting it on par with codeine and anabolic steroids) under the Controlled Substances Act.

This article is not an endorsement to use Ketamine, rather this article is to provide information for those wondering what it is.

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Comments (2)

I'm friends with a veternarian who used to work with race horses. He's told me some of the crazy drugs the horse trainers give their horses, like cobra venom, to make them run faster. He never mentioned Ketamine, but I'm sure it's been tried for that purpose.

Good information about Ketamine, Brenda. FB liked.