It's All About Those Weeds.
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It's All About Those Weeds.

an article about the tv show, "Weeds."

The drug culture in the United States is pervasive and the subject is often not approached in mainstream society. Some people have very specific ideas about what the drug culture is, and who might be involved in that society. Drug dealers are big burly gangster types who are packing something fierce. In 2005, the television series "Weeds" blows off the lid off the drug scene, and all it supposedly entails. This show is very colorful in nature, and the world seems very relatable. The characters are like those that we know in our every day lives.

The series  follows a middle age woman who lives in the middle of white, rich suburbia. Her husband dies leaving her with two minor sons, and no real employment in life other than being a former trophy wife and mother. One day in a moment of desperation she makes the controversial decision to deal marijuana  as it formally called. This leads her onto a weird path that she never dreamed that she would ever be on in her life. She goes into a world that is very dangerous when the only thing she has ever packed is school lunches.

The series is addictive, but it also disturbing how drug use is kind of glorified or trivialized. The dark comedy is well-written, controversial, fresh, and wonderfully acted. Each time I watch it,  I am amazed at how short each episode seems, and then I rush to get to watch the next one.

Family dynamics are explored throughout this series, and some of the discussions are very powerful no matter how dysfunctional. Sometimes it does show that a person will do anything they will do to survive in this world, and that fear is often a deciding factor to cross lines that maybe they should not. She becomes a very effective drug dealer, and this show illustrates the point that people need to always look under the surface because no matter what it looks like on the outside, it is often very different on the inside.

I think that is show is great despite its controversial nature. This show is not for young viewers at all. Parents should be advised that this show is meant for mature viewers only. Strong language and sexual scenes are a normal occurrence as it airs on the Showtime network. Adults enjoy this show for the superb writing and acting.

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Comments (2)

Your review makes me want to watch the show. Good work.

Thank you, Eva!