How Legalization of Marijuana Could Help Fund the War on More Addictive Drugs and Make It Easy for Teens to Abuse
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How Legalization of Marijuana Could Help Fund the War on More Addictive Drugs and Make It Easy for Teens to Abuse

Regulation keeps alcohol and tobacco out of teenagers hands.

It's easier for kids to get drugs than alcohol!  A new study has good news and bad news for parents of today's teenagers. If you worry about your teenager drinking alcohol, then it is good news. Teenagers are not able to acquire alcohol or tobacco products very easily these days, and that has to do with the legalities on the sale of these products. These addictive products are legal and regulated.

However, teens are finding it easier to get other substances. At one can find the statistics. A large majority of teens can get marijuana in less than a day. Many of these teens can also get prescription drugs as well.

Personally, I wouldn't worry as much about the pot. The unstated fact is that teenagers can get illegal drugs easier than alcohol and tobacco. Cannabis is only one illegal drug--and one that is not physically addicting. The point is that, If your son or daughter can get  pot, then they can get other (much more addicting) drugs as well. Crack cocaine and methamphetamines are drugs that have the potential of being physically addicting and truly life-ruining.

More and more states are now legalizing marijuana for medicinal usage because of the benefits. At one time in this country, marijuana was legal. The logging industry lobbied for it to be made illegal because they did not want the competition when it came to making paper. Now, one state at a time is changing that. However, our government is sticking with the sentiment that pot is as dangerous as other drugs. Yet the real war on drugs is continuing to go on-mostly with our youth.

It is good to know that our teens cannot just walk into the local liquor store and purchase alcohol. It is disheartening to know that it is far easier for them to get illegal drugs. With the economic woes of our time, one would think that our government might come to the point of recognizing that the legalization of marijuana could provide the money that is needed to continue to fight the war on life-destroying drugs. California is going to try for the full legalization of marijuana, and the administration fully expects this to be a huge cash cow for their economy. The legalization of marijuana on a national scale could be a way to help our economy and provide the money necessary to police other, far more dangerous substances.

In January of 1920, Prohibition went into effect. This was an effort to stop people from using alcohol, but the measure failed. Thirteen years later, prohibition was repealed with the passage of the 21st amendment. It was during the Prohibition years that organized crime got rich--by supplying a market demand. One failed experiment for our government, and still they have not learned from history.

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Comments (6)

good article, I have two articles to present down the line on this subject as well

Marijuana may not be physically addictive but it is psychologically addictive. Some users begin feeling uncomfortable when they are not high. From my experience this mental addiction can be worse than alcoholism. If we legalize pot teenagers will not use it to rebel - they will begin with a harder drug instead. Its always about pushing the limits. I think intervention shows that illustrate the results of using hard drugs are better than cracking down on the manufacturing of hard drugs. If we do not have access to the people that know what they are doing we will have teens trying to make their own drugs in their basements. I would rather have teens getting their hands on clean drugs when they are in the experimental stage than making their own bad mixes which are more likely to result in death than clean drug overdose. I do not approve of the use of hard drugs but most people at least go through an experimental stage huh hmmm... Drugs have been romanticized for far too long to think that we can keep teens away from them. They will always find a way. I agree that it is something that the government could largely profit from, but that does not mean I think it is a good idea to legalize it. It has also been proven that it reduces reaction time in a similar way to alcohol, and I do not think we can get people to avoid driving when they toke like people do when they have been drinking. This could result in a lot more car accidents. The whole concept honestly scares me. I think pot in moderation is fine if you like but I would prefer not to have everyone smoking it all the time. In Canada it does not make sense because it is hard on the body just like cigarettes are, and while the government would gain revenue from sales there would also be an increase in the usage of medical services that I do not think we can accommodate.

How legalization of marijuana could help fund the war on more … | Finally! Be free from smoking

[...] zekevkp wrote an intriguing post today onHere’s a little tasterRegulation keeps alcohol and tobacco out of teenagers hands.. It is easier for teens to get illegal drugs.. Legalization of marijuana can help fund the war on more addictive drugs. … This was an effort to stop people from using alcohol, but the measure failed. Thirteen years later, prohibition was repealed with the passage of the 21st amendment. It was during the Prohibition years that organized crime got rich–by supplying a market demand. One failed experiment for our … [...]

It has been proven that addiction rates go own with legalization-crime rates as well. Psychological addiction has not been proven-no more than some people are psychologically addicted to over-eating. In fact, some studies show that marijuana actually increases brain function However, the number of people killed in alcohol related fatalities is not decreasing. Also, it is possible for someone to drink so much alcohol that they die. No one has ever overdose to the point of death with marijuana-it is physically impossible! The government would see great increases in revenue by legalizing and regulating pot, and with the economic woes of our time, it could very well be what we need to help our struggling economy. In countries that have legalized marijuana, addiction and crime rates have actually decreased. While smoking is the most common way of using the drug, the medical risks are not as high as cigarettes-not many people smoke the two substances the same way. Plus, there are other ways-like vaporizers and food adatives-that people use to consume marijuana. I think that the revenue generated from legalization and regulation far outweigh the health risks. Plus, if the government is regulating pot, then it would be more difficult for teens to obtain it-just like alcohol and tobacco.

I'm with Molly on this one. I do not support marijuana use, and I have seen people who are weirdly drawn to using marijuana. Physically addicting, no. Mentally addicting, yes. I don't care if it's been proven or not - mental addictions are psychological and science hasn't touched the tip of the iceberg with how our brains work. I agree that marijuana is generally safer than alcohol, but marijuana has been linked to schizophrenia in teens. Also, if we're continuing down this path, it has been shown that alcohol is also more toxic than cocaine (meaning that is takes a smaller dose in ppm to cause harm with alcohol than with cocaine). I do not encourage drugs, nor do I encourage drinking. North America has fallen into a slump before and has pulled out without legalizing marijuana. I believe the economy is being used as a poor excuse to make bad decisions for monetary gain.

Make that 3M's not in favor. Marijuanashould not be legalized. Its use is associated with various health risks, impairs judgment, and might serve as a "gateway drug," to more destructive and addictive drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Research indicates that marijuana users experience a higher likelihood of problems at work, home, and school than nonusers. Attempts to promote the use of marijuana to alleviate suffering of people with certain medical conditions are considered by the opposition to legalization efforts to be politically motivated efforts to undercut the perception of marijuana. Having been exposed to persons who use marijuana, older persons seem to have a better handle than younger ones. I have seen young people in stupors and living lazy lives without motivation - they weren't like that before. One can only imagine with the abused cell phone use while driving along with abused texting (driving with their knees) how life will deteriorate with impaired pot users. I vote no. Get high on life - why the need for a substitute?