Marijuana Can Be Consumed Without Smoking
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Marijuana Can Be Consumed Without Smoking

Marijuana was made illegal by congress in 1937.

On June 14, 1937, Congress passed the Marijuana Tax Act. This act of congress is what made marijuana illegal in the United States of America. This came about because of political interests-particularly those of the logging industry, who did not want the competition with hemp for the production of paper. Sounds like typical capitalism to me, and yet marijuana has been a pharmaceutical since at least the time of Christ and before.

So now, seventy-two years later, marijuana is still illegal at the federal-government level. Yet the states are finally starting to open discussions about pot. In fact, medicinal marijuana is now legal in 13 states, and 15 more states have legislation pending to legalize marijuana. If the legislation is approved by the general voters, it will make pot legal (at least for medicinal purposes) in over half the United States. In fact, California is considering putting it on the ballot for full legalization, and this is mainly because of the cash flow that is generated from marijuana usage.

Proponents of the legalization of marijuana or marihuana (a different spelling used here in Michigan) say that the health risks are as bad as smoking tobacco cigarettes. However, very few people smoke pot like they do cigarettes-one right after the other. One reason for this is that smoking one marijuana cigarette is usually enough for an hour or two. Another argument is that we do not want people that are "under the influence" driving on our highways and streets. Yet this is already illegal-not just for marijuana users, but for drinking alcohol and for driving under the influence of prescription narcotics. Legalizing marihuana will not cause more people to drive under the influence than do right now. One of the reasons that we know this is that people drive under the influence of alcohol, causing many accidents and deaths each year, and still a majority of these illegal drivers do not even have driver's licenses because of a prior conviction of DUI. The laws deter some people, but not all. And legalization means regulation--that is part of the deal.

Also, there are other ways of consuming marihuana. One way is a vaporizer which allows the user to inhale pot smoke without actually smoking. The machine does it for you. Marijuana can also be used as a food additive-hence the popular name given to it of Herb. Many recipes can be found for the consumption of marijuana at: Creating marijuana or ganja butter allows a user to fry eggs, other foods or use the butter in baking. Of course, it does not taste like regular butter, but the flavor is not so bad-something that one can get used too. Especially for suffers of cancer, MS, and chronic pain (just to mention some of the ailments that marijuana helps), cooking with marihuana can be a great alternative to the pharmaceuticals that often create worse side effects than they help. There is even a television show now that shows how to cook with pot.  So if you are a sufferer of a debilitating condition, tune in to see how you might benefit from medicinal marijuana usage.

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Comments (2)

good article I have two coming up shortly here

Let's hope it becomes legal for medical purposes everywhere soon.