Marijuana Makes Everything Better
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Marijuana Makes Everything Better

information on marijuana, relaxation techniques, and the proper way to enjoy weed/cannabis/hemp. Some everyday things and activities that are better while you're high on marijuana

Marijuana comes from the earth. Mother nature decided to give us this wonderful plant in order to ease our trouble when she decides to throw phenomena such as hurricanes or drought at us. Oh how planet earth loves to toy with us. Of all the gifts I've ever received, that first hit of THC is right up there with my Nintendo 64 I got in 1996.

Why does weed deserve such praise? The simple answer is that it enhances the natural pleasures we as human beings have began to take for granted. Music sounds better, food tastes better, colors are more vibrant, sex is better, and almost anything anyone says is funny. If you're high and reading this right now, stare at the screen and reread this sentence. If you don't laugh, you're not high enough.

I'm not here to bring  you the science behind this wonderful plant, even though I could. I want to pass on the message of hope. If you feel like crap from day to day anyway, what do you have to lose being high more? THC makes things better, and I pity those that do not experience it atleast a few times in their life. Here are some things you may enjoy under the influence of marijuana in which you might not otherwise:


Social events you were dragged to against your will.

Why Better High

You will not get bored. Taking pleasure in the food provided will probably consume about 95 percent of your time, leaving the other 5 percent to sitting and digesting.


Sex with an unattractive person

Why Better High

You're selfish and are too high to care. Although you may go to hell, having intercourse under the influence of marijuana causes you to truly think with your sexual organs and what they look like does not cross your mind in the slightest.


Children Television Programs

Why Better High

It is just too funny watching grown men and women producing material for kids. When you're high, it's just too funny knowing that these are adults acting like stuffed animals and talking about the letters of the alphabet.

Humor is probably the most illuminated aspect of being high. Everything is funny. If you observe something and think about it in it's simplest meaning, it is comical. Weed makes nothing too serious, and that's why I believe humans have been enjoying it for so long. Examples?

Problem - car breaks down

Weed Remedy - being high makes it funny that you are cursing at metals and other raw materials

Problem - your dog dies

Weed Remedy - if high, you don't mourn the loss, you embrace the thought of not picking shit up on a daily basis anymore

If weed was infinite, free, and had no negative health factors I'd be high every second of every day. Unfortunately, it is expensive, illegal, and can cause some health problems. I still choose to be high often, but its sad that I have to do it in discrete manners and dent my wallet at the same time when its an easily harvested plant and far less harmful than alcohol. As a whole, the human population would be a lot happier and a lot more peaceful is every single person was high every second of the day. Dare to dream folks.

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Comments (12)

Obviously, you were high when you wrote this Darrin! One thing that weed does NOT make better, is the ability to concentrate on details. This could have been an excellent article. As I read it, unstoned, I can see where you were trying to go with it. You had great concepts. As a very temperate weed smoker I will say that creative ideas flow like a stream of melted chocolate when you've got a buzz on. However, even though I recommend that you do the rough draft while buzzed, be sure to edit it for the final draft while you are completely sober. As a guy who got his Atari in 1983, let me give you some fatherly advice: Temperance is a virtue. The only difference between poison and medicine is the dose. If you know anything about smoking herb, you know that the more you use it, the more the medical, or just plain enjoyable effects wear off. It can become a demotivating depressant that will cause you to suck at life. I go weeks at a time without touching it. This isn't just because I'm broke and my three adult pot smoking kids have totally forgotten that 15-20 years ago I cleaned shit off their asses on a daily basis and they never so much as throw the old man a blunt roach once in a while, that's OK, when my crop comes in, see if I share -but taking long breaks from it makes it not only cheaper, but much more enjoyable when one does partake and small amount does the trick. Welcome to Factoidz Kid! I'm still going to vote up your article, but take my advice and clean it up as soon as you can find a straight moment. To hear more of my temperance lecture, and to get a detox home remedy, check out this factoid:

Here in UK it is illegal to grow, smoke, have or use weed in any way.

Dr. Carl Sagan of Cornell University used to post anonymously on a 'pro-pot forum' I believe it was, advocating it's legalization. I am mostly opposed, but show me the data. Anyway, he 'toked' a few times and once he said, high in the shower he 'had a mental vision' and began to write theorems on the shower wall with the bar of soap... so paper about distribution of population was the result. Anyway, your article was ...amusing.

"Amusing" was the goal.


Makes perfect sense to me. Good article. Best read while stoned. ;-)

Why thank you Echo. That was the point. My former it seemed to go over the heads of my former critics listed above. Some people just don't get satire anymore I suppose.

I am seeing undertones of an inability to cope with stress related experiences that have likely been instilled from very early childhood and as an early adult, marijuana became a method of "survival". Getting high, like being drunk or under the influence of opiates are used mainly for the same reasons; escape, coping and survival or on a lighter note, for entertainment reasons. However, for medicinal purposes for people who are chronically ill with, say, chronic pain, cancer or severe ulcers, I can see the reason. However, considering many people who use Marijuana for things of lesser degree, they find very little ability to articulate their emotions and thoughts through conversation or written expression. Instead, they take flight into the escape of being high, resulting in years worth of suppressed emotions and thoughts that eventually manifest later on through fragmented patterns of behavior such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other "fight or flight" responses. It is not my intent to criticize the contents of this article. I took time to read it. And I understand the reason for wanting a heightened sensation of "pleasure". This also tells me though that there's likely a tendency for total compulsion when it comes to everyday things such as sex, food, and emotional responses like anger and love. I'd say, habitual marijuana users who are not suffering from chronic diseases and illnesses are self medicating for forms of compulsions they have little control over. However, hats off to you for braving this article. It kept my attention.

Ed Rodriguez

Its alright to prescibe xanax, antivan, mood stabilizers and etc.... For everyday use which I believe totally turns you in to zombie. But pot is illegal and harmful what a load of crap.

Ed Rodriguez

Its alright to prescibe xanax, antivan, mood stabilizers and etc.... For everyday use which I believe totally turns you in to zombie. But pot is illegal and harmful what a load of crap.

Ed Rodriguez

Its alright to prescibe xanax, antivan, mood stabilizers and etc.... For everyday use which I believe totally turns you in to zombie. But pot is illegal and harmful what a load of crap.

Aaron Chassidy

Excellent point Ed. Mood stabilizers change personality far more than smoking marijuana. I'm going to have to disagree with you Debbie on the fact that marijuana users toke to cope. Many users don't smoke all day, just maybe a little bit before a movie or something after a hard day's work. I love life, work hard, and make a lot of money. I put my kids to bed at night and my wife and I smoke a little before we either read or watch a movie or something before bed. It's a nice way to take away the stress of the day, and possibly even extend life-expectancy. We all know how much stress contributes to heart disease.


"Social events you were dragged to against your will."

Oh I could definitely have a use for marijuana...