The Top Ten Most Famous People Who Died From Drug Overdoses
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The Top Ten Most Famous People Who Died From Drug Overdoses

This is a short list of the top ten most famous people who died from a drug overdose. You may have a list of your own, or you may not disagree that these people died from a drug overdose, or you might think they weren't all that famous. Anyway, leave a comment if you want to add to the list.

Ok, so this is my list of the top ten most famous people who died from drug overdoses. I'm not really listing them in any particular order, and you might have your own list, but this is just my opinion of who was the most famous, and still is today. 

Elvis Presley

Elvis died of a drug overdose, or some say it may have been a heart attack, or he choked on some food, but I think we know that it was drugs. 

He was taking a mixture of different pain killers, and living a very unhealthy life. I watched a documentary on Elvis which explained that he had been taking prescribed drugs of one sort or another for almost his whole career. 

When asked about illegal drugs, Elvis said something like: "if I hear anyone so much as mention illegal drugs, I'll rip their tongue out". 

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn was taking sleeping pills of one sort or another, for quite a few years before she died, I heard a story that she used to shoot up between her toes, so it didn't show. 

Her death was ruled a "possible" suicide, but it was probably just an overdose of sleeping pills, perhaps mixed with alcohol. I'm not going to get into the conspiracy theories. 

Michael Jackson

He was probably the most famous pop star of our time, almost as famous as Elvis, or even more so for the younger generation. He kept a little bit quiet about his drug use, for obvious reasons, but anyone can see from watching his music videos, (even from the very early days), he was for real. 

A doctor was giving him a drug that was meant to knock people out post-surgery, which may have been a bit heavy-handed, and I think he got sent to jail. 

Jimi Hendrix

From what I remember of this story, Jimi took some barbituates with alcohol, and passed out, and then choked on his own vomit. It's often due to the combination of alcohol and tranquilizers or opiates that people die, as it just stops the breathing. 

Jim Morrisson

The charismatic front-man of The Doors, Jim Morrisson died of a heroin overdose in the bath in France. I can't remember if it was cocaine as well, anyway, he wasn't long for this world. 

John Belushi

This guy was a very famous actor at the time, and his brother went on to become more famous than him, because Jim died of injecting a speedball, which is heroin and cocaine mixed together. 

Heath Ledger

I'm not sure if Heath is really a household name, but he's definitely a recognizable face. He was just finishing working on The Dark Knight, and took the wrong combination of prescription drugs, which was mostly stuff like valium. 

Brian Jones

Brian was in the Rolling Stones, and didn't make it quite as long as the rest of them, as he drowned in a swimming pool, in what they say was a drug-related drowning. 

Layne Stayley

Layne was the singer of the blues rock/grunge band Alice In Chains, and he died of a heroin overdose. I haven't really got any more information to add to that, except that his was one of my favorite bands. 

River Phoenix

A very well known actor from the eighties, he died outside a nightclub after taking a mixture of drugs of some kind, I can't remember, I think ecstacy was partly involved.

There are probably lots of other people that I could add to this list, but that's the top ten most famous peope who died from drug overdoses according to me. Leave a comment if you can think of somebody else. Janis Joplin and Bon Scott died from alcohol poisoning.  

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Comments (9)

Good compilation Rowan.

Nice one here Rowan...though the stories are pathetic,it was quite an interesting read.

I heard Elvis Presley had cannabis during World War II, I just didn't know that he took it after being so successful.

Interesting compilation. Thanks for sharing.

That was an interesting one, and I can remember most of them.

Thanks for sharing this history.

The price of fame? Voted!

Thanks! I'd like to add Chris Farley. I think he died from heroin or cocaine overdose.